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  • once upon a time – not so long ago – most of the business in world was offline, sellers had firm control over what products he wanted to showcase to buyers.
  • Buyers used to receive access to information about seller’s services when and how seller chose to provide to him. Meetings, brochures, phone calls were common ways to showcase services. As a result, Seller controlled sales cycle.
  • This flow of sales has changed considerably over a short period of time. Now, a Prospective buyer can hop online anytime with tablets and smartphones. They can have quick comparison shop and access information that seller did not even create for eg. Reviews.
  • If you don’t have a website, then a buyer might educate himself about your services from third party information, outdated and poor information might add confusion to the decision-making process. Closing the deal might become complicated based on how someone else showcase your services.
  • The whole point is of regaining control of sales cycle via information flow that attracts prospective buyers. In doing so, put a face to your online identity and get referrals, business over social media.
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Carl Bootsma

By Carl Bootsma

Carl Bootsma is the founder of Heartlandtechs, the technology blog for the computer hub Heartland Computers INC He is the owner of fast growing Information technology company and repair store "Heartland Computes" located at Sioux falls, South Dakota area.