MacBook Screen Repair

MacBook screens can be one of the most challenging screens to replace. Most require specialized tools and techniques to perform the task and chances are if you have never done one yourself you may end up causing more damage to your laptop. At Heartland our professionals have replaced more screens because we have been one of the largest refurbisher of store returns from major box stores. If you want to save yourself time and a headache fill out our FREE estimate tool or simply stop by our store today.

Worry Free

Laptop Screen Replacement Steps

  1. Fill out our FREE ESTIMATE TOOL
  2. We will email or call you with a quote and options
  3. Mail your laptop or bring it into our store
  4. Replace your screen and test your computer
  5. Mail it back to you

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Don’t worry if you’re not sure it’s your screen our something else we can still help. With our trained technicians we will find the problem and help you find a cost effective solution.

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Why Chose Heartland Computers?

  • TRUST! – We are a Real store, with Real people, located in the heart of the United States; Sioux Falls, SD. We value our customers and will do everything possible to satisfy you.
  • QUALITY! – We are a computer store that knows exactly how to safeguard your data and fix your computer.
  • SERVICE! – We have the best trained technicians that will test your device thoroughly and give you a professional assessment. If your device is broken we never double bill and will do everything possible to save you money.
  • SUPPORT! – Have you ever noticed most websites either don’t have a phone number of hide them so well it’s impossible to find. It is as if they are trying to hide something! Not Heartland Computers. Our phone number is placed right at the top of every page, why? It’s our personal Heartland guarantee we are right there for you whenever you need us.