Desktop/All-in-One Repair

Heartland Techs are Sioux Falls most trusted repair professionals. How can we say that? Customer loyalty. The number one form of new customers coming into our store for computer repairs is customer referrals. We have a reputation for the fastest service at a great price. After a hail storm an auto body repair company desperately needed their desktop fixed. It was a Friday afternoon and a PC place in town said they wouldn’t get to it till Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week unless they paid a bogus rush fee. He called a friend who said, “Bring it to Heartland.” We had the desktop ready to go by Monday. The customer was so happy the next day he came in and purchased a second tower from us.

Heartland PledgeEvery day we hear our customers tell us their experience so ask your neighbor and chances are if they have been a Heartland customer you will hear two things; fast service at a great price.

Worry Free


Here are a few more reasons people choose us:

  • Free Estimates – We always offer free estimates before repair. Why? Because we want you to make an informed decision and give you all your options. Sometimes sticking money into an old technology is just not worth it.
  • Superior Quality – We do the job right the first time. We do not cut corners and give the best products and advice. Our Heartland Techs are highly trained and the most experienced you will find.
  • Exceptional Customer Service – We know there are options in computer repair; but what we do best at Heartland is explain your options and give you the best opinion on which way to go. Plus we don’t charge bogus rush fees instead we offer the fastest 1 day turn-around in Sioux Falls.

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