Store password and other files securely

Secure way to store your password files and other important data

  1. LastPass: It is the best password manager available for free, This award-winning service offers browser extension, which saves all your usernames and passwords and it will let you autologin to your sites and sync your passwords on your devices. It is very secure and cross-platform. Give it a try and let us know what you think of it in comment section below. To know more about password manager check out this article. Password manager for mobile devices.
  2. Winzip: WinZip password protect feature is very handy, create zip file of your data and set up a password, so no one can unzip your files without the password.
  3. SecretSync: Securely Sync Your Files Using SecretSync and with your password you can access that file on any device anywhere.

Important tips for secure password

  1. Choose a strong password. A mix of alphabet,special characters and more than 6 letters. You can use this online tool by Microsoft to check password strength
  2. Make sure you have access to the email account affiliated with your profile, when you forget the password you can retrieve through it.
  3. Change your password several times in year

In 2014, we saw most brutal of cyber attacks, hackers and companies are at war and not its high time to keep secure password and changing it frequently. It’s very likely to have 100+ accounts and to manage your password and other private documents you can use below listed services for free.


Troubleshoot Internet Connection

Quick fixes for wi-fi and wired network

Ever feel like your internet connection is very slow, you can not stream video from your phone. Your phone seem not to be able to connect to your router. Don’t worry, these are the a few of common internet connectivity issues user experience. Here we got some quick fixes that will let you resolve such issues in no time.

Resolving Connection Issues on Your Wi-Fi Network

  1. Check if the wireless switch is on. Note: Wireless switch has radio tower icon, if not sure check out the universal wireless icon.
  2. Turn off and then turn on all the devices on the network to reset and synchronize them. This step will also help when you can not browse your internet after buying a new router. This step will flush any information network still holding of an old router.
  3. Right-click the network icon Picture of the wireless network icon or Picture of the wired network icon in the notification area of your taskbar, and then click Troubleshoot problems and follow the instructions.
  4. Check for corrupted or incompatible drivers. Go to device manager and then uninstall and then re-install network drivers.
  5. Check from another computer or devices If another device is able to access internet then checkout for ip-conflict issue, to read more about it click here.
  6. Eliminate Router You can directly connect via Ethernet cable(LAN Cable) and if that works. Then try to reset router.

You can check out this video, it covers all common issues of internet connectivity.

Resolving Connection Issues on Your Wired Network

  1. Check for any loose or disconnected cables or wires.
  2. Firewall blocking intent connection. You can disable the firewall by changing settings at network connections via control panel
  3. Change Ethernet cable or use another port for plugin

Here is a video showcasing how to set up LAN connection perfectly on Windows 7


How to boost up chrome experience

Tweaks and Extensions to enhance google chrome experience. – Faster is better.

Useful Tweaks in Google Chrome Settings

  1. Use Latest Version: Google is working on to make chrome better and faster, so always stay up to date with the latest version.
  2. Don’t use too many Extensions: some extensions are not needed for every run, disable those unnecessary extensions.
  3. Choose which data you to sync between devices. By default, Google Chrome sync apps, passwords and much more data, so you can access your data on all synced devices. I think we just need password to sync, Rest of field options you can uncheck in settings
  4. Chrome instant search can use different search engines, You don’t need many options here, just use google and delete others. To do so, Go to Settings.

Extensions that improve browsing experience

  1. Internet Download Manager: It can really boost up your download speed, You can disable other plugins, I recommend you should use it.
  2. Extensionbetter Browser: It is Chrome extension has awesome features like Auto Scroll, Back to top, Floating google search, one click delete search key and many more. It can take your browsing experience to the next level. Their page at Google Webstore says: “We can Enhance your Browsing experience in 10-15% faster”
  3. Google Quick Scroll: It is a huge time saver for the google search, when search results appear, It will give you auto-preview of words in result page that match with your search query, so you can quickly go to right information. It is great but not perfect. Sometimes it does not work the way it should, but at times very useful.

How to remove programs from Windows

If a program isn’t working properly, you can uninstall it or repair it .

For Windows 7

  1. Open the Control Panel via Start menu. The Start menu can be accessed by clicking the Windows logo icon at the bottom-left corner of the display, or simply by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. Under programs, you will see link “ Uninstall a program.” Click on it. Then Programs and Features will be opened up just as shown in below image. It will list all the programs you have on your device.How to Uninstall a Program
  3. Find the program that you want to uninstall.
  4. Click Uninstall. You can also see repair option, if repair option is offered by the program.

For Windows 8

  1. Tap/Click Search button Search button on screen.Type control panel in the search input box, and then tap / click.
  2. tap / click Programs and features.
  3. Tap / click the program and then tap / click UNINSTALL. – Or – If you see the Repair option is offered for the program, tap or click to repair,
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.