10 Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

1. ThunderBird

  1. ThunderBird is a free, easy to set up and customize, secure, open source, cross-platform email and instant messaging software – loaded with great features!
  2. ThunderBird has strong support for using multiple accounts and identities, including automated signature features.
  3. Chat functionality is built in, so you can enjoy real-time conversation with your contacts. Thunderbird makes it easy to search through both past conversations and received emails. Thunderbird functions as an RSS/Atom feed reader too and has a large selection of add-ons that extend it with calendar support, PGP support, integration with online services and much more.
  4. Top Features that make it best:
    • Easier to set up mail account
    • Personalized Email Addresses
    • Multiple-channel chat
    • If filters the Spam and offer Phishing protection
    • Large Files Management

2. Claws Email

  1. Claws Email is one of the fastest and slick email client out there and It’s not short on features either.
  2. It is stable, secure and highly customizable.
  3. Useful and Powerful Features: Multiple accounts, Threaded display, Filtering, Mime attachments, SSL support, User-defined headers, MH and Mbox folder support/import/export, and Plugin capabilities.

3. eM Client

  1. It is paid email client and only support Windows OS. It is nearly perfect windows email client with its powerful features, wrapped up in an user-friendly interface. Though, It lacks Scheduled Message Sending and local spam filtering., conversation list, it might be a good option for you if you are looking for all standard email client features.
  2. Powerful features:
    • Quick Import : Quick and easy way to import from your old email client like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, ThunderBird etc..
    • Intuitive Sidebar : Sidebar shows old emails from the contact, as per mainwindow current email or contact. So, You can read and find old emails quickly.
    • Readable preview Popups: You don’t even need to click on it, just hover over it and you get to read email via preview popup.
    • Reformat Received Messages: Edit Headers.
    • Bi-Directional Text Support : Unlike Thunderbird and many other email client, it supports bi-direction text.

4. Opera Mail

  1. Opera mail is free, simple, lightweight, flexible interface that will satisfy almost all standard email client needs.
  2. Opera has tabbed panel, It has threaded emails, which let you find old messages easily and respond to them with ease. It doesn’t have all the features that Outlook does, However if you are looking for simple and customizable email client, Opera might be a right solution for you. It is fast and reliable.


  1. Inky is free, lightweight, very easy to configure, simple yet useful email client with elegant interface.
  2. Useful Features:
    • Beautiful yet simple interface
    • Quick and simple to configure for Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo:
    • Advanced features for filtering and sorting emails.


  1. Quick and modern approach: Drag-and-drop action to help organize e-mails. With Right click allow user to quickly reply, delete, print or manage emails in folders.
  2. Enhanced Security: To guard against spammers, it blocks images. Windows Live Essentials suite includes Windows Live Mail which is a free email client for Windows 7 | 8 users.
  3. Key Features:
    • Enhanced Security
    • Custom Layouts and quick views
    • Powerful Multi user support
    • Conversation Organizer
    • RSS in your inbox
    • Direct Blogging

7. Mailbird

  1. It is very handy email client if your top priority is Productivity. Mailbird is a huge time saver with its quick open and quick reply shortcuts.
  2. Some useful features:
    • Useful and Intuitive User Interface
    • Supports multiple email accounts.

8. Web Mail

  1. Web mail is a Website based interface to access e-mail through a Web browser. General belief is that webmails are free. Using website based mail client is ideal if you travel a lot or when you use multiple devices or use another person’s laptop.
  2. In webmail, you don’t need to worry about backup. Before choosing this option, some things to consider:
    • You don’t have offline option. Internet connection required.
    • You can keep only certain amount of emails only. This quota varies from provider to provider.
    • Every thing is stored at email service provider’s server, so you are at their mercy.
    • Webmail is not a free mail.
  3. Powerful Features:
    • No need to configure email client.
    • Very convenient – you just need internet to access your emails.

9. Postbox

  1. Postbox is very intuitive, powerful and integrated with useful apps with great time-saving features.It is based on Thunderbird, but it is not a free email client. It works for Windows and Mac Os.
  2. Top Awesome Features :
    • Unified Folders and Account Groups
    • Automatic Tagging
    • Summarized Replies
    • Focus Pane

10. Fox mail.

  1. Fox mail, owned by Chinese company, A freeware email client and having useful features with pleasant user interface. It is really powerful alternative to Outlook but some of Chinese language words are not translated in interface.
  2. Tabbed Interface feels cluttered at times.
  3. Key Features:
    • Works on Windows, Mac Os and Linux operating systems
    • Unlimited email accounts.
  4. Powerful Features:
    • Pleasant Interface
    • HTML template or you can create template with WYSIWYG tool.
    • Better security against spammers.

Share files between your devices

In this new era of connectivity, you switch from computer to tablet to smartphones multiple times in a usual day, so your digital photos,  music, e-books or work files are spread across a range of devices from your mobile phones to tablets and your computers. These devices are running different operating systems, So that no standard method to easily copy files from one device to another.

AirDroid : Android devices and computers ( xp and Mac)

You can move files on and off your Android device from a web browser, You can also wipe data remotely. AirDroid works with Windows XP or later, Mac OS X. Apart from videos, photos and music add and delete remotely, There are other useful features too.

  • Send or receive sms to one or multiple contacts
  • You can find your phone by Locate Android device on a map feature. You can Lock, ring, or wipe all personal data on the Android device

AirDrop : Mac or supported iOS

If your device is Mac or iOS7 device, that includes iphone5 or later, iPad (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), then use of AirDrop allows you to quickly and easily share files with other Mac users, Please Note that you can not share files with AirDrop to non ios users and non ios devices can not use airdrop to share files with you.


Best Browser for Windows 8

The Era when Google Chrome was the best and Internet explorer was the lame browser in every aspects has ended. With Internet Explorer 11, IE has blossomed into a great browser for Windows 8. Firefox and opera continue ramp up their features and security fixes with latest releases. Gone are the days, when it was easy to choose best browser for your needs. Today, with all the competition around, Now, its a tough decision to pick any browser as the best browser. I have reviewed IE 11, Chrome 33, Firefox 32 and Opera 7 Best browser and why picked. Security Chrome It is more stable and secure than firefox. With most frequent security update fixes chrome is secure of all.

SecurityGoogle ChromeIt is more stable and secure than firefox and others. With most frequent security update fixes chrome is secure of all.
SpeedMozilla FirefoxIt is the new speed king, it is faster as chrome and sometimes load site more faster.
CPU Usage and Memory FirefoxChrome is heavy consumption of memory, where in case if Firefox crashes and when it restarts it does not re-open all tabs, instead it loads when you click on it.
HTML5 Support ChromeStill there is no match for Chrome for supporting HTML5
Special Features- If you use google services, chrome is the only browser works with google voice search. Internet explorer supports ‘immersive’ UI browsing mode of windows 8.
Firefox and chrome are known Better Syncing
not only can see your bookmarks and settings in any instance of the browser on any device, but also it let you continue a browsing session from one device to another. The new syncing method includes password and form data synching. Especially, Firefox the synced information is encrypted end to end, according to Mozilla.

Verdict: Chrome vs Firefox vs Internet Explorer

For most of users, Chrome is the best, Chrome looks really great sporting that flat design. Performance is also great , If you are looking for some other features, customization, vast addons support than Firefox latest version is clearly a winner for you.


Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!