Get your business online

  • once upon a time – not so long ago – most of the business in world was offline, sellers had firm control over what products he wanted to showcase to buyers.
  • Buyers used to receive access to information about seller’s services when and how seller chose to provide to him. Meetings, brochures, phone calls were common ways to showcase services. As a result, Seller controlled sales cycle.
  • This flow of sales has changed considerably over a short period of time. Now, a Prospective buyer can hop online anytime with tablets and smartphones. They can have quick comparison shop and access information that seller did not even create for eg. Reviews.
  • If you don’t have a website, then a buyer might educate himself about your services from third party information, outdated and poor information might add confusion to the decision-making process. Closing the deal might become complicated based on how someone else showcase your services.
  • The whole point is of regaining control of sales cycle via information flow that attracts prospective buyers. In doing so, put a face to your online identity and get referrals, business over social media.

Windows Media Player vs Apple iTunes

Windows media player

Windows media player is preloaded on windows operating system, it has simple,yet elegant interface. If you checkout Windows Media Player 12 control bar, it has minimal control buttons, which gives impressive intuitive design. Its interface is packed with useful features like syncing your media files on multiple devices, filtering/search music easily. Windows media player supports many formats for video and audio files. As compare to iTunes, Windows Media Player is easy to configure, use and maintain. Though Itunes has some powerful features but nonetheless Windows Media Player have improved a lot over few versions lately.

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes Store, You can get music, movie, book or podcast you wanted from iTunes Store and also can discover the one you might like.
Besides that, Apple iTunes have all the cool features of windows media player.

If you are using windows based operating system, windows media player is most probably installed on your computer by default, So you should consider using Windows media player, as itunes works best with Mac and ipods.


Heartland Laptop Case Price Drop

Laptop bag which carries your cherished possession is as important as your laptop and it is no longer just about quality but style too when it comes to buying bags.

Buy brand new Laptop Bags from Heartland Computers and save $10 on each bags!


Refurbished Macbook Pro and Ipads

Unfortunately Apple is no longer accepting resellers. Apple also restricts the price companies can sell new products that’s why all new products are sold at the same high prices. But there are no restrictions on used or refurbished products so we are able to sell them to you at a much lower price. Plus you might have noticed the local Apple stores charge ridiculously high prices for used Apple products? We certainly have. In fact it’s almost impossible for us to keep iPads and MacBook Pro’s products in stock, as soon as we get them in their out the door because of our low prices. So if you see something you like you better buy it soon because it’s probably not going to last long.