Windows Media Player vs Apple iTunes

Windows media player

Windows media player is preloaded on windows operating system, it has simple,yet elegant interface. If you checkout Windows Media Player 12 control bar, it has minimal control buttons, which gives impressive intuitive design. Its interface is packed with useful features like syncing your media files on multiple devices, filtering/search music easily. Windows media player supports many formats for video and audio files. As compare to iTunes, Windows Media Player is easy to configure, use and maintain. Though Itunes has some powerful features but nonetheless Windows Media Player have improved a lot over few versions lately.

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes Store, You can get music, movie, book or podcast you wanted from iTunes Store and also can discover the one you might like.
Besides that, Apple iTunes have all the cool features of windows media player.

If you are using windows based operating system, windows media player is most probably installed on your computer by default, So you should consider using Windows media player, as itunes works best with Mac and ipods.

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