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Tips to avoid a computer crash

Steps to Take Before the Crash

Backup your files

External Hard Drives
Cloud Storage Services
  • Google Drive, Skydrive and Dropbox are revolutionary and handy cloud storage services, which actually saves storage space on your latop computer or smartphones.

  • I rate Dropbox the best among these 3 services. Your data at Dropbox is relatively more secure than Google Drive. Drop box mobile app ensures security with 4-digit pass-code lock on top of 2-step verification process. However, Free storage quota for Dropbox is 2 GB only. Google Drive and Skydrive has free storage 5 GB and 7 GB respectively.


Always have antivirus software on your machine. We strongly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Pro for virus and malware protection. Scan your hard drive for errors and repair bad sectors.

Secure with passwords

It is important to have a strong password for your laptops, PCs or smartphones. All your devices should be secured with a strong password which is hard to crack in.

Turn off Java

Over the years, Java powers billions of desktop computers, Java mobile phones, printers, gaming consoles, car navigation systems, ATMs, medical devices, Blue ray players, parking payment stations. That made Java top target for the hackers. Back in early 2013, the serious zero-day vulnerabilities discovered in Java. Though Oracle released an emergency Java patch, but that did not meant for all the critical vulnerabilities.

Click here to read Oracle instructions on how to disable Java from your browsers.

Steps to Take After the Crash

  • Turn the power off to the computer.
  • Use system restore.
  • Try Run in Safe Mode
  • If none of the above options work out for you, Try Reformat and Reinstall your operating system.

    *** Heartland Computers can help you to Re-installing Operating System. Contact Repair service desk.


Refurbished Macbook Pro and Ipads

Unfortunately Apple is no longer accepting resellers. Apple also restricts the price companies can sell new products that’s why all new products are sold at the same high prices. But there are no restrictions on used or refurbished products so we are able to sell them to you at a much lower price. Plus you might have noticed the local Apple stores charge ridiculously high prices for used Apple products? We certainly have. In fact it’s almost impossible for us to keep iPads and MacBook Pro’s products in stock, as soon as we get them in their out the door because of our low prices. So if you see something you like you better buy it soon because it’s probably not going to last long.
PC Maintenance

Repair / Upgrade : why pay a professional?

My neighbor’s kid can fix for free or cheap why pay a professional?

This is a very good question and there are two main reasons.

  • The first and the obvious one is training. A lot of kids are smart and know HOW to use a computer but very few are PROPERLY trained.  Almost every week we get a computer in that a friend tried to fix an issue and actually made the repair worse. Instead of a $34.95 system tune-up it ends up being a $49.95 Data Recovery along with a $59.95 OS Installation. But nothing compares to the phone calls we have to make where someone messed up and now all those pictures and videos of your kids are gone forever.
  • The second reason is as a business, you are protected. What I mean by that is as a company we have to carry insurance to protect you from loss, damage, errors, etc… Thankfully in my 20+ years I’ve never had to use the insurance on me or my employees. My point is guys who work from their home, post cheap rates on Craigslist; do you think they carry insurance? No. you have no protection. When you hand over that computer it’s as good as giving them a free laptop. The data, pictures, videos, web searches, everything is now theirs. Funny thing is you have more protection if you would just hand over your credit card.

I come from a Dutch heritage and I’m as cheap as it gets so I promise at Heartland you will get Professional Repair Service and cheap rates. A Win Win by my standards!!

Buying Guide

Must have software for your laptop

Office Suite

open office

Mostly, your windows operating system do not come along with its very popular document handling application Microsoft Office and if you don’t want to purchase licenses for Micorosoft’s Office software, then this free software will fulfill your need. You can do almost everything with this open source office suite like editing, creating and maintaining documents. This software might have some rich features missing unlike Microsoft Office but it is still very effective.

Internet Browser

Google Chrome Browser

Although, Internet Explorer comes with your Windows operating system, but it would be very fair to say that Chrome is more fast and secure than Internet explorer. In chrome browser, Theme and Plugins offers customized browser experience. With JavaScript rendering features, chrome is very fast and secure internet browser.

Data Downloads

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Download Accelerator Plus is very essential tool with its user friendly easy to user interface. It is the fastest of its kind of software. It is not just ordinary download software, but also has capabilities like file shredder, scheduled downloads, trace cleaner and other addons.

PDF Reader

Adoebe Reader

Adobe Reader is free and very popular tool to view pdf files. It has been trusted by millions of users due to its global standard for document sharing over internet.

Backups & Sync


Dropobox is  free and tremendously useful tool to store identical copy of  your computer files. You can also keep folders and file jointly shared with other people regardless of they are users of dropbox or not. Dropbox offers 2GB free space, you can increase your space quota by purchasing it.


VLC Media Player

Unlike Windows 7, windows media center does not come along free Windows 8 with operating System. You don’t need to bother with that. VLC media player VLC Media Player will play virtually any media file that you will run across, and there’s a VLC media player version for every popular operating system.

Perfomance tune ups


If you get tired of having tons of PC cleanup and performance tune up software and found they are all just either clean up your old log / history and clean up recycle bins or either just a scam. Then get this package that runs pretty deeps through your web browsers to your Windows Registry.

File Compression and extraction


7-zip has better compression ration than Winzip and other compression software of its kind. It has capability of self extraction for 7z format. It can even use as file manager and can ensure file security using encryption.



Always have antivirus software on your machine. We strongly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Pro for virus and malware protection.

Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

If you are reading this, probably you are in the market for a new laptop.It can be an overwhelming decision with different models, different brands and features out there, but  I am about to give you some advise that will help you make right decision for your needs.

Three questions you wanna ask yourself, when you are looking for a new laptop.

  • Where am I going to use it? Is this live on desk mostly at home and at the office mostly or are you taking it with you.
  • What am I going to use it for? Are you planning to have laptop for generalized tasks or for more specialized ones. For ex. Video Editing and gaming.
  • How long am I looking to own it? Is this something you want to own for just a year or two? or Is this something for long term investment?

Basic checklist for everyday laptop


Start at Intel® Core™ i3 Processor but if you plan to own it for 2+ years, consider Intel® Core™ i5 Processor

Hard Drive:
  • Minimum 500GB
  • Consider having 750GB for storing more videos, photos and music.
Screen size:
  • Go with 13″ for more mobility
  • At least 15″ for HD experience.
Battery Life:
  • Make sure it is long enough, if you are frequently using it on the go.
Solid State Drive:
  • For fast boot up and performance, SSD is better choice over HDD.

Laptop Upgrade

You can upgrade the RAM and hard drive on most laptops without voiding the warranty.

Upgrade to Solid State Drive(SDD) from Hard Drive.

Consider upgrade to Solid State Drive to get at least 4x speed and fast boot up. SDD has no moving parts, so very efficient option for power savings.

Buy SSD from our store

Tips for Purchasing Battery

Mostly, A Battery with more cells will last longer than a battery with less cells. Usually , 6 cell battery will not last as long as 12 cell battery module. If you are looking for purchasing new battery or replacing your old battery, buy from our store.

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Computer Laptop Repair

12 Tips to Extend Life Span of Laptop Computer

Protect LCD display monitor

  1. Do not use Alcohol or Ammonia to clean LCD screens. Use very soft cloths for cleaning LCD screens.
  2. Closing and opening the lid using only one side causes pressure on that hinge, and over the time, it can make hinge bend and snap.

Handle it carefully so you don’t lose data.

  1. Always “Shut Down” or “Hibernate” before moving your laptop. This cause hard drive spins down, which is good for power saving and also prevents potential data loss.
  2. Always use your carrying case when moving your laptop. In fact, a short fall might damage the hard drive and can cause the complete loss of your data. If your machine gets broken, contact our Repair desk to get service quote or have Heartland Computers laptop screen replacement at just $49.95
  3. You avoid spilling your drinks but even if that happens, do not power on a wet laptop or computer. Short circuits might cause loss of data or can even permanently destroy some integral parts of your machine. Carefully unplug the power and contact our  Repair service desk immediately.
  4. To keep your laptop from overheating, use it on hard and flat surfaces. Always make sure nothing blocks air vents.
  5. Do not expose your Laptop or computer to rapid temperature changes. During cold or rainy weather, it’s recommended to use laptop and computer inside air-conditioned rooms. In such weather, If you use your machine outside Condensation droplets would form inside machine and may cause corrosion on disk drive. If you use it in direct heat of sunlight and then bring it to air-conditioned room, do not turn it immediately, Instead, let it cool down to room temperature first.
  6. Many laptop computer owners forget to back up their data or they simply don’t have time for back up processes. Its recommended to backup important data on daily basis. You can get our In-store Data Back-up/Transfer services at just $49.95

*** Heartland Computers can help you recover your data, Contact Repair service desk now.

Computer Security and PC performance Tune ups

  1. Only use those softwares except antivirus, who are sending or receiving any data to their server with your permissions.
  2. Clean up cookies, history and temporary files generated by applications and browsing.
  3. Disable Unneeded Windows features. To do so, Go to: Start Menu >> Control Panel >> Programs,Click on “Turn Windows Features on or off” under programs tab.
  4. Always have antivirus software on your machine. We strongly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Pro for virus and malware protection.

You can click this to determine if your laptop or computer is infected. Also, you can buy our virus removal services here