Best Browser for Windows 8

The Era when Google Chrome was the best and Internet explorer was the lame browser in every aspects has ended. With Internet Explorer 11, IE has blossomed into a great browser for Windows 8. Firefox and opera continue ramp up their features and security fixes with latest releases. Gone are the days, when it was easy to choose best browser for your needs. Today, with all the competition around, Now, its a tough decision to pick any browser as the best browser. I have reviewed IE 11, Chrome 33, Firefox 32 and Opera 7 Best browser and why picked. Security Chrome It is more stable and secure than firefox. With most frequent security update fixes chrome is secure of all.

SecurityGoogle ChromeIt is more stable and secure than firefox and others. With most frequent security update fixes chrome is secure of all.
SpeedMozilla FirefoxIt is the new speed king, it is faster as chrome and sometimes load site more faster.
CPU Usage and Memory FirefoxChrome is heavy consumption of memory, where in case if Firefox crashes and when it restarts it does not re-open all tabs, instead it loads when you click on it.
HTML5 Support ChromeStill there is no match for Chrome for supporting HTML5
Special Features- If you use google services, chrome is the only browser works with google voice search. Internet explorer supports ‘immersive’ UI browsing mode of windows 8.
Firefox and chrome are known Better Syncing
not only can see your bookmarks and settings in any instance of the browser on any device, but also it let you continue a browsing session from one device to another. The new syncing method includes password and form data synching. Especially, Firefox the synced information is encrypted end to end, according to Mozilla.

Verdict: Chrome vs Firefox vs Internet Explorer

For most of users, Chrome is the best, Chrome looks really great sporting that flat design. Performance is also great , If you are looking for some other features, customization, vast addons support than Firefox latest version is clearly a winner for you.


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